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0402-130J 0402 130K 0402130K-F 0402 130K OHM 1% 0402 130R 0402- 13.3 F 
0402-1-36R 040-21371-32 0402-137 F 0402- 13 J 0402-1.3K 0402 1.3K 5% 
0402 13K OHM 5% 0402-1.3PB 0402-140 F 0402-147 F 0402-1.4PC 0402 
0402-150 F 0402-150 J 0402 150K 0402-150K N 0402 150KR +-5% 0402 150O 5% 
0402 150 OHM 1% 0402 150 OHM 5% 0402-150P 0402 150PF +-5% 50V NPO 0402 150R 0402-150R1% 
0402-150RF 0402-151J 0402-152K 0402-154 F 0402-154Z 0402 15.8KR +-1% 
0.40215911 0402- 15 F 040215-GL12S7Z 0402 1.5K 0402-15K1% 0402,15K,5%,RK73B1ETT153J 
0402-15KF 040215KOHM1 0402 1.5K OHM NZ5714-01 040215NH+5% 0402-15NJ 0402-15NS 
0402-15NXJBW 0402 0402-1.5PC 0402 1.5PF 0402 1.5PF 50V 0402 1.5PF COG 50V .25 
0402 15R 0402-160J 0402-160J-HY 0402 160K 0402-160R 0402- 16.2 F 
0402 165K OHM 1% 0402-169 F 0402 1.6M 0402-1.6P 0402-16V-3.9P-C-COG 040216W1371FT 
04 02 17 4 0402-17.4K1% 0402-17.4KF 0402-178 F 04021%8.06K 0402-180F 
0402-180J 0402-180K 0402 0402 180PF 25V 5% 0402 180R 0402-180R1% 
0402-180RF 0402180R-J 0402-181J 0402-181J-AVX 0402 182 1% 1 0402-1.82K 
0402 18.2K F 0402 183J 0402- 18.7 F 0402-1.87K 0402 1.8K 0402-1.8K1% 
0402-1.8KF 0402-18k-J ?? 0402 18NHJ 0402-18NJ 0402-18NS 
0402 1.8P 0402-1.8PB 0402-1.8PC 0402 0402 18R 040218R-J 
0402-18V 0402-1.91K 0402,1.96kohm,1% 040219NH+5% 04021A100JAT2A 04021A100KAT2A 
04021A101JAT2A 04021A101KAT2A 04021A1203FLHF3 04021A120JAT2A 04021A120KAT2A 04021A121JAT2A 
04021A121KAT2A 04021A150JAT2A 04021A150KAT2A 04021A151JAT2A 04021A151KAT2A 04021A180JAT2A 
04021A180KAT2A 04021A181JAT2A 04021A181KAT2A 04021A220JAT2A 04021A220KAT2A 04021A221KAT2A 
04021A270JAT2A 04021A270KAT2A 04021A271JAT2A 04021A271KAT2A 04021A330JAT2A 04021A330KAT2A 
04021A331JAT2A 04021A331KAT2A 04021A390JAT2A 04021A390KAT2A 04021A391JAT2A 04021A391KAT2A 
04021A3922FKP 04021A470JAT2A 04021A470KAT2A 04021A471JAT2A 04021A471KAT2A 04021A560JAT2A 
04021A560KAT2A 04021A561JAT2A 04021A561KAT2A 04021A680JAT2A 04021A680KAT2A 04021A681JAT2A 
04021A681KAT2A 04021C102J4Z2A 04021C102JAT1A 04021C102JAT2A 04021C102JATMA 04021C102JAZ2A 
04021C102K4Z2A 04021C102KAT1A 04021C102KAT2A 04021C102KATMA 04021C102KAZ2A 04021C102M4Z2A 
04021C102MAT1A 04021C102MAT2A 04021C102MATMA 04021C102MAZ2A 04021C103J4Z2A 04021C103JAT1A 
04021C103JAT2A 04021C103JATMA 04021C103JAZ2A 04021C103K4Z2A 04021C103KAT1A 04021C103KAT2A 
04021C103KATMA 04021C103KAZ2A 04021C103M4Z2A 04021C103MAT1A 04021C103MAT2A 04021C103MATMA 
04021C103MAZ2A 04021C152J4Z2A 04021C152JAT1A 04021C152JAT2A 04021C152JATMA 04021C152JAZ2A 
04021C152K4Z2A 04021C152KAT1A 04021C152KAT2A 04021C152KATMA 04021C152KAZ2A 04021C152M4Z2A 
04021C152MAT1A 04021C152MAT2A 04021C152MATMA 04021C152MAZ2A 04021C153J4Z2A 04021C153JAT1A 
04021C153JAT2A 04021C153JATMA 04021C153JAZ2A 04021C153K4Z2A 04021C153KAT1A 04021C153KAT2A 
04021C153KATMA 04021C153KAZ2A 04021C153M4Z2A 04021C153MAT1A 04021C153MAT2A 04021C153MATMA 
04021C153MAZ2A 04021C182J4Z2A 04021C182JAT1A 04021C182JAT2A 04021C182JATMA 04021C182JAZ2A 
04021C182K4Z2A 04021C182KAT1A 04021C182KAT2A 04021C182KATMA 04021C182KAZ2A 04021C182M4Z2A 
04021C182MAT1A 04021C182MAT2A 04021C182MATMA 04021C182MAZ2A 04021C183J4Z2A 04021C183JAT1A 
04021C183JAT2A 04021C183JATMA 04021C183JAZ2A 04021C183K4Z2A 04021C183KAT1A 04021C183KAT2A 
04021C183KATMA 04021C183KAZ2A 04021C183M4Z2A 04021C183MAT1A 04021C183MAT2A 04021C183MATMA 
04021C183MAZ2A 04021C222J4Z2A 04021C222JAT1A 04021C222JAT2A 04021C222JATMA 04021C222JAZ2A 
04021C222K4Z2A 04021C222KAT1A 04021C222KAT2A 04021C222KATMA 04021C222KAZ2A 04021C222M4Z2A 
04021C222MAT1A 04021C222MAT2A 04021C222MATMA 04021C222MAZ2A 04021C223J4Z2A 04021C223JAT1A 
04021C223JAT2A 04021C223JATMA 04021C223JAZ2A 04021C223K4Z2A 04021C223KAT1A 04021C223KAT2A 
04021C223KATMA 04021C223KAZ2A 04021C223M4Z2A 04021C223MAT1A 04021C223MAT2A 04021C223MATMA 
04021C223MAZ2A 04021C272J4Z2A 04021C272JAT1A 04021C272JAT2A 04021C272JATMA 04021C272JAZ2A 
04021C272K4Z2A 04021C272KAT1A 04021C272KAT2A 04021C272KATMA 04021C272KAZ2A 04021C272M4Z2A 
04021C272MAT1A 04021C272MAT2A 04021C272MATMA 04021C272MAZ2A 04021C282JAZ2A 04021C332J4Z2A 
04021C332JAT1A 04021C332JAT2A 04021C332JATMA 04021C332JAZ2A 04021C332K4Z2A 04021C332KAT1A 
04021C332KAT2A 04021C332KATMA 04021C332KAZ2A 04021C332M4Z2A 04021C332MAT1A 04021C332MAT2A 
04021C332MATMA 04021C332MAZ2A 04021C333J4Z2A 04021C333JAT1A 04021C333JAT2A 04021C333JAZ2A 
04021C333K4Z2A 04021C333KAT1A 04021C333KAT2A 04021C333KATMA 04021C333KAZ2A 04021C333M4Z2A 
04021C333MAT1A 04021C333MAT2A 04021C333MATMA 04021C333MAZ2A 04021C392J4Z2A 04021C392JAT1A 
04021C392JAT2A 04021C392JATMA 04021C392JAZ2A 04021C392K4Z2A 04021C392KAT1A 04021C392KAT2A 
04021C392KATMA 04021C392KAZ2A 04021C392M4Z2A 04021C392MAT1A 04021C392MAT2A 04021C392MATMA 
04021C392MAZ2A 04021C393J4Z2A 04021C393JAT1A 04021C393JAT2A 04021C393JATMA 04021C393JAZ2A 
04021C393K4Z2A 04021C393KAT1A 04021C393KAT2A 04021C393KATMA 04021C393KAZ2A 04021C393M4Z2A 
04021C393MAT1A 04021C393MAT2A 04021C393MATMA 04021C393MAZ2A 04021C472J4Z2A 04021C472JAT1A 
04021C472JAT2A 04021C472JATMA 04021C472JAZ2A 04021C472K4Z2A 04021C472KAT1A 04021C472KAT2A 
04021C472KATMA 04021C472KAZ2A 04021C472M4Z2A 04021C472MAT1A 04021C472MAT2A 04021C472MATMA 
04021C472MAZ2A 04021C473J4Z2A 04021C473JAT1A 04021C473JAT2A 04021C473JATMA 04021C473JAZ2A 
04021C473K4Z2A 04021C473KAT1A 04021C473KAT2A 04021C473KATMA 04021C473KAZ2A 04021C473M4Z2A 
04021C473MAT1A 04021C473MAT2A 04021C473MATMA 04021C473MAZ2A 04021C562J4Z2A 04021C562JAT1A 
04021C562JAT2A 04021C562JATMA 04021C562JAZ2A 04021C562K4Z2A 04021C562KAT1A 04021C562KAT2A 
04021C562KATMA 04021C562KAZ2A 04021C562M4Z2A 04021C562MAT1A 04021C562MAT2A 04021C562MATMA 
04021C562MAZ2A 04021C563J4Z2A 04021C563JAT1A 04021C563JAT2A 04021C563JATMA 04021C563JAZ2A 
04021C563K4Z2A 04021C563KAT1A 04021C563KAT2A 04021C563KATMA 04021C563KAZ2A 04021C563M4Z2A 
04021C563MAT1A 04021C563MAT2A 04021C563MATMA 04021C563MAZ2A 04021C682J4Z2A 04021C682JAT1A 
04021C682JAT2A 04021C682JATMA 04021C682JAZ2A 04021C682K4Z2A 04021C682KAT1A 04021C682KAT2A 
04021C682KATMA 04021C682KAZ2A 04021C682M4Z2A 04021C682MAT1A 04021C682MAT2A 04021C682MATMA 
04021C682MAZ2A 04021C683J4Z2A 04021C683JAT1A 04021C683JAT2A 04021C683JATMA 04021C683JAZ2A 
04021C683K4Z2A 04021C683KAT1A 04021C683KAT2A 04021C683KATMA 04021C683KAZ2A 04021C683M4Z2A 
04021C683MAT1A 04021C683MAT2A 04021C683MATMA 04021C683MAZ2A 04021C822J4Z2A 04021C822JAT1A 
04021C822JAT2A 04021C822JATMA 04021C822K4Z2A 04021C822KAT1A 04021C822KAT2A 04021C822KATMA 
04021C822KAZ2A 04021C822M4Z2A 04021C822MAT1A 04021C822MAT2A 04021C822MATMA 04021C822MAZ2A 
04021C823J4Z2A 04021C823JAT1A 04021C823JAT2A 04021C823JATMA 04021C823JAZ2A 04021C823K4Z2A 
04021C823KAT1A 04021C823KAT2A 04021C823KATMA 04021C823KAZ2A 04021C823M4Z2A 04021C823MAT1A 
04021C823MAT2A 04021C823MATMA 04021C823MAZ2A 04021D104KAT2A 0402- 1 J 04021J1R8ABW 
04021J1R8BBW 0402 1K 04021K1% 0402 1K24 +-1% 0402 0402,1K5ohm,1%,RC0402FR-0 
0402 1K F 0402-1k-J 0402 1KO 5% 0402 1K OHM 5% 0402 1M 0402 1M +-5% 
0402 1M +-5% 1 04021MAOHM5 0402-1N0D 0402-1N2D 0402-1N2S 0402 1N2 X7R 
0402-1N5D 0402-1N8B 0402-1N8D 0402-1N8S 0402 1NF +-10% 50V X7R ????? 
0402-1P 0402-1PB 0402-1PC 0402 1PF 50V 5% 0402 1R 0402-1R5B-YAGEO 
0402-1R5C-DF 0402-1R5C-G* 0402-1R5C-PHI 0402-1R5C-TDK 04021R5-J 04021R-J 
0402 1% 0402 1% 04021?? 0402 .1UF 0402 1UF +-10% 16V X5R 0402 1uF +-10% 6.3V X5R 
0402 1UF 10V +80% -20% 0402 1UF 10V X5R 0402 .1UF 16V 0402 1uF +-20% 10V X5R 0402 1UF 6.3V X5R 0402 1UF +80 
0402 1UF +80%~-20% 6.3V X 0402 .1UF X5R 10V 10% 0402 .1UF Y5V 16V +-20 0402-2002F 0402-200 F 0402-200J 
0402 200K 0402200K-F 0402 200K OHM 1% 0402 200K OHM 5% 0402-200R 0402 200R 1% 
0402-201K-G* 0402-20K 040220K5 0402 20KO 5% 0402,20Kohm,1% 0402 20K OHM 5% 
0402 20KR +-5% 0402 20MR +-5% 0402-20R 0402 2113946B04 0402- 21.5 F 0402*2 1.5K 
0.402219739 0.402219812 0402*2 1K 040-2220 0402-220 F 0402-220J 
0402 220K 0402-220K1% 0402 220K 5% 0402220K-F 0402-220K-J 0402 220K OHM 5% 
0402 ?? 0402-220R 0402 220R +-1% 0402 04022211FRT7 
0402-221 F 0402-221J 0402-221J CH 0402-221J-HY 0402-221J-TDK 0402-221J-TYO 
0402-221J-YAGEO 0402-2.21K 0402-221K-JC 0402-221K R 0402-221K X7R 0402-221K-YAGEO 
0402-222K 0402-222K 50V 0402-222K-FLP 0402-222K-TC 0402-222M R 10V 0402-222Z 
0402-223K 0402-223K 16V 0402-223M R 0402-223Z 0402-223Z 16V 0402-223Z 25V 
0402-224K 0402-224Z 0402-224Z 10V 0402-224Z-G 0402-225M-SX 0402-225M-TYO 
0.402226059 0402-226 F 0402- 22 F 0402- 2.2 J 0402 22?? JTN 1206 0402 2.2K 
0402-22K1% 0402 2.2K 5% 0402-2.2K-F 040222KH60 0402,22kohm,5% 0402 22KR +-1% 
0402-22NG 0402 22NHJ 0402-22NJ 0402-22NJ-ROHS 0402-2.2P 0402-2.2PB 
0402-2.2PB 25V 0402-2.2PC 040222PF16VCOG 0402 22PF COG 50V 5% 0402 0402 22R 
0402*2 33K 040223J1R6ABWTR 040 223J 72-50A 0402-240J 0402 240K 0402 240K F 
0402 240KR +-1% 0402 240R 0.402243833 0402 24.3K +-1% 0402 243K F 0402 2.43K OHM 1% 
0402 243R F 0402*2 4.7K 0402*2 47R 0.402248363 0402-249K 0402 24.9K +-1% 
0402 249K F 0402 2.4K 040224k5% 0402-24k-J 0402 24KO 5% 0402 2.4K OHM 5% 
0402 24O 5% 0402-2.4P 0402-2.4PB 0402-2.4PC 0402-2.4PJ 0402 2.4R 
040224R9 1% 040224R9FRT7 0402-24R-J 040225A470JAT2A 040225A8Z0JAT 040225C151KAT2A 
040225C472KAT2A 0402-2.5P 0402-2.5PC 0402-261 F 0402-270 F 0402-270 J 
0402-270J-YAGEO 0402 270K 0402 270K F 0402 270K OHM 5% 0402 270KR +-5% 0402 270O 5% 
0402 270R 0402-270R1% 0402 270R 5% 0402-270RF 0402-271J 0402-271K 
0402-271K B 0402-271K X7R 0402-272JT 0402-272K 0402-272K-AVX 0402-272K-HY 
0402-273K-HY 0402- 27.4 F 0402- 27 F 0402- 2.7 J 0402 2.7K 0402-2.7K1% 
0402-2.7KF ???? 0402 2.7K OHM 5% 0402-27N ?? 040227NH+5% 
0402 27NHJ 0402-27NJ 0402-27NJ-ROHS 0402 27O 5% 040227OHM5%63MW250PPMLFD6 0402-27P 
0402-2.7PB 0402-2.7PC 0402 2.7PF 50V NPO 0402-2.7PJ 0402 2.7R 0402 
0402283-02 0402-287 F 0402294K1% 04022B104K5B20D 04022B104K5B30D 04022B104K5BP0D 
04022B104K6B20D 04022B104K6B30D 04022B104K6BB0D 04022B104K6BF0D 04022B104K6BP0D 04022B104K7B20D 
04022B104K7B30D 04022B104K7BP0D 04022B105K5B20D 04022B105K6B20D 04022B105M5B20D 04022B154K5B20D 
04022B154K6B20D 04022B154K7B20D 04022B184K5B20D 04022B184K6B20D 04022B224K5B20D 04022B224K5B30D 
04022B224K5BP0D 04022B224K6B20D 04022B224K6B30D 04022B224K6BB0D 04022B224K6BF0D 04022B224K6BP0D 
04022B224K7B20D 04022B474K5B20D 04022B564K5B20D 04022B683K6B20 04022B684K5B20D 04022B824K5B20D 
04022C103K3RAC 04022C472KAT 04022E102Z500BA 04022E103Z160BA 04022E104M9BB0 04022E104Z160BA 
04022E104Z250BA 04022E105Z6R3BA 04022F103M7B20D 04022F103M7B30D 04022F103M7BB0D 04022F103M7BF0D 
04022F103M7BP0D 04022F103Z7B20D 04022F103Z7B30D 04022F103Z7BB0D 04022F103Z7BF0D 04022F103Z7BP0D 
04022F103Z8B20D 04022F10427B20D 04022F104M7B20D 04022F104M7B30D 04022F104M7BB0D 04022F104M7BF0D 
04022F104M7BP0D 04022F104Z7B 04022F104Z7B200 04022F104Z7B20D 04022F104Z7B20D T 04022F104Z7B30D 
04022F104Z7BB00 04022F104Z7BB0D 04022F104Z7BF0D 04022F104Z7BP0D 04022F104Z8B20D 04022F105Z5B20D 
04022F105Z5B30D 04022F105Z5BP0D 04022F105Z6B20D 04022,??F110)BA21639J 04022F153M7B20D 04022F153M7B30D 
04022F153M7BB0D 04022F153M7BF0D 04022F153M7BP0D 04022F153Z7B20D 04022F153Z7B30D 04022F153Z7BB0D 
04022F153Z7BF0D 04022F153Z7BP0D 04022F153Z8B20D 04022F154Z6B20D 04022F154Z7B20D 04022F223M7B20D 
04022F223M7B30D 04022F223M7BB0D 04022F223M7BF0D 04022F223M7BP0D 04022F223Z7B20D 04022F223Z7B30D 
04022F223Z7BB0D 04022F223Z7BF0D 04022F223Z7BN0000M 04022F223Z7BP0D 04022F223Z8B20D 04022F224Z6B 
04022F224Z6B20D 04022F224Z6B30D 04022F224Z6BB0D 04022F224Z6BF0D 04022F224Z6BP0D 04022F224Z7B20D 
04022F333M7B20D 04022F333M7B30D 04022F333M7BB0D 04022F333M7BF0D 04022F333M7BP0D 04022F333Z7B200 
04022F333Z7B20D 04022F333Z7B30D 04022F333Z7BB0D 04022F333Z7BF0D 04022F333Z7BP0D 04022F333Z8B20D 
04022F334Z6B20D 04022F334Z7B20D 04022F473M7B20D 04022F473M7B30D 04022F473M7BB0D 04022F473M7BF0D 
04022F473M7BP0D 04022F473Z7B20D 04022F473Z7B30D 04022F473Z7BB0D 04022F473Z7BF0D 04022F473Z7BP0D 
04022F473Z8B20D 04022F474Z5B20D 04022F474Z6B20D 04022F474Z7B20D 04022F683M7B20D 04022F683M7B30D 
04022F683M7BB0D 04022F683M7BF0D 04022F683M7BP0D 04022F683Z7B200 04022F683Z7B20D 04022F683Z7B30D 
04022F683Z7BB0D 04022F683Z7BF0D 04022F683Z7BP0D 04022F683Z8B20D 04022F684Z6B20D 04022J6R8CBWTR 
0402-2K 04022K1% 04022K180FBWTR 0402 2K32 +-1% 04022K-J 04022KOHM5% 
04022L1% 0402 2M 0402-2N2D 0402-2N2S 0402-2N7D 0402 
0402-2PB 0402-2PC 0402 2PF COG 50V .25% 04022R101K160BA 04022R101K9B200 04022R101K9B20D 
04022R101K9B30D 04022R101K9BB0D 04022R101K9BF0D 04022R101K9BP0D 04022R101 04022R102J500BA 
04022R102J7BB0D 04022R102J9B20D 04022R102K9B 04022R102K9B20 04022R102K9B200 04022R102K9B20D 
04022R102K9B300 04022R102K9B30D 04022R102K9BB00 04022R102K9BB0D 04022R102K9BF0D 04022R102K9BP00 
04022R102K9BP0D 04022R102 04022R102M100BA 04022R1030007B200 04022R103J7B200 04022R103J7B20D 
04022R103K7A200 04022R103K7B20 04022R103K7B200 04022R103K7B20D 04022R103K7B300 04022R103K7B30D 
04022R103K7BB0D 04022R103K7BF0D 04022R103K7BN200 04022R103K7BP0 04022R103K7BP00 04022R103K7BP0D 
04022R103K8B20D 04022R103K8B30D 04022R103K8BP0D 04022R103K9A200 04022R103K9AB00 04022R103K9AF00 
04022R103K9B200 04022R103K9B20D 04022R103K9B300 04022R103K9B30D 04022R103K9BB00 04022R103K9BB0D 
04022R103K9BF00 04022R103K9BF0D 04022R103K9BP00 04022R103K9BP0D 04022R103T7B20D 04022R104K6B20D 
04022R104K6B30D 04022R104K6BB0D 04022R104K6BF0D 04022R104K6BP0D 04022R104K6R3BA 04022R104K7B20 
04022R104K7B20D 04022R104K7B30D 04022R104K7BB0D 04022R104K7BF0D 04022R104K7BP0D 04022R121K9B200 
04022R121K9B20D 04022R121K9B30D 04022R121K9BB0D 04022R121K9BF0D 04022R121K9BP0D 04022R122K9B200 
04022R122K9B20D 04022R122K9B30D 04022R122K9BB0D 04022R122K9BF0D 04022R122K9BP0D 04022R123K7B200 
04022R123K7B20D 04022R123K7B30D 04022R123K7BB0D 04022R123K7BF0D 04022R123K7BP0D 04022R123K8B20D 
04022R151K9B200 04022R151K9B20D 04022R151K9B30D 04022R151K9BB0D 04022R151K9BF0D 04022R151K9BP0D 
04022R152J9B20D 04022R152K9B200 04022R152K9B2002R12238587 04022R152K9B20D 04022R152K9B30D 04022R152K9BB0D 
04022R152K9BF0D 04022R152K9BP0D 04022R153K7B 04022R153K7B200 04022R153K7B20D 04022R153K7B30D 
04022R153K7BB0D 04022R153K7BF0D 04022R153K7BP0D 04022R153K8B20D 04022R181J9B300 04022R181K9B200 
04022r181k9b200 04022R181K9B20D 04022R181K9B30D 04022R181K9BB0D 04022R181K9BF0D 04022R181K9BP00 
04022R181K9BP0D 04022R182K9B200 04022R182K9B20D 04022R182K9B30D 04022R182K9BB0 04022R182K9BB0D 
04022R182K9BF0D 04022R182K9BP0D 04022R183K7B200 04022R183K7B20D 04022R183K7B30D 04022R183K7BB0D 
04022R183K7BF0D 04022R183K7BP0D 04022R183K8B20D 04022R1K160BA 04022R221J9B200 04022R221J9B20D 
04022R221K500BA 04022R221K98200 04022R221K9B200 
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