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0805 130R 0805130R1% 0805130ROHM5 0805130R R059 0805-131J-TY2 0805-131K-FHB 
0805-131K-TC 0805-1323 0805132R2CAWTR 0805-133 0805 1% 330 OHM 0805 ? 1% 330 Ohm 
08051331FR 080513334250CT 0805- 13.3 F 0805 13.3K F 0805 13.3K OHM 1% 0805 13.3K OHM 1% 1 
0805 133R F 0805134J 0805-1353 08051%374OHM 0805-137 F 0805 1.37K F 
08051%390R1 08051391FA7FMF 08051391JATMA 08051%392R 0805- 1.3 F 0805- 1.3 J 
0805 1.3K 0805-13K0-1% 080513K0MM5%Q1W 080513K1% 0805 1% 3K16 080513K2% 
0805-+1%-3K32-OHM 0805 0805 13K F 0805 1% 3K OHM 0805 1.3K OHM 5% 0805 ? 1% 3K Ohm75VAClo 
080513K R018 0805-1.3M 08051.3OHM1% 0805-13R 08051401RT1 08-0514-02 
080-514059-001 080-514059-001RV1PC 0805-1-40K 0805-140K-1% 0805 140K F 0805 140K OHM 1% 
0805140:L,N,PE,...PE,FREI 0805 08051 0805 1% 412 OHM 0805143-0001 0805+-1%4399KOHM 
0805- 14.3 F 0805-14.3K 0805 14.3K OHM 1% 0805 143K OHM .5% 0805 143R F 0805143ROC 
08051%4.42KOHMS 0805-1-45K3 0805-+1%-464-0HM 08051470JATME 0805-1%-470K 08051471JATMA 
0805-147 F 0805147K 0805 147K 1% 1 0805 14.7K OHM 1% 0805 14.7 OHM 1% 0805 147R F 
0805+-1%487OHMS 0805+-1%4.99OHMS 0805- 14 F 0805-14K 080514K31% 0805 
0805 14K F 0805 1.4K OHM 1% 0805-14NJ 0805-14R 080514S3ROC 0805 1500PF 
08051500PF50V5% 08-0515-01 08051501F 0805-150-5% 0805-150 J 0805150JEWTR 
0805-150J-FHA 0805 150K 0805150K1% 0805150K5% 0805-150K-5%-1 0805 150K F 
0805-150KFKTA 0805 1.50K OHM 1% 0805 150K OHM 5% 0805 150 KOHMS 0805150K R021 0805-150M 
0805-150MHZ-ROHS 0805 150 OHM 0805 150 OHM 1% 0805 150 OHM 5% 0805 150PF 0805-150PF-50V-5 
0805150PF50VNPO 0805 150PF 5% 63V 0805 150PF NPO 50V 10% 0805 0805 150R 0805 
0805150R2% 0805-150R-5% 0805 150R 5% TK200 0805 150R F 0805150R R020 0805 1% 511K 
08051%511OHM 0805 1% 511R TK100 0.125W 0805-151J-FHA 0805-151JRT1 0805-151J-SX 0805-151K 
0805-151K-FHA 0805-151K-G 0805-151K-TC 0805 152 5% 0805-152K 0805-152K-FHA 
0805-152K-G 0805 1% 53K6 0805-153K-SX 0805-153KX7R50V 0805-153M-FHA 0805-153M-FHA 
0805-153M-FHB 0805-153M-TC 0805-1542FT 0805- 15.4 F 0805 15.4K 0805 1.54K OHM 1% 
0805-154M-TY 0805-154Z-TC 0805-154Z-TY 0805-155Z 0805+-1%5.62KOHMS 0805-1%-56m 
0805-158 F 0805-15.8K 0805- 15 F 0805- 1.5 J 0805 1.5K 0805-1.5K1% 
0805-1.5k-5% 0805-+-1%-5K9-OHM 0805 1.5K F 0805-1.5k-J 0805 15K OHM 1% 0805 1.5K OHM 5% 
0805 1.5K OHM 5% 1 0805 15 KOHMS 0805 1.5M 0805 1.5M 5% 1 0805 1.5M OHM 5% 0805 1.5M OHM 5% 1 
0805 15MOHM  0805 15NF 0805 1.5NF 10% 63V 0805 15NH 0805 15 NH 10% 080515NH5 
0805-15NK 0805 08051.5OHM1% 0805 15 OHM 5% 0805 0805 15PF 
0805 15PF 25V 5% NPO 0805 15PF 50V 5% 080515PF50VNPO 0805 1.5PF NPO 50V 0805 15PF NPO 50V 5% 0805-15P-TDK 
0805 1.5R 0805 15R 5% TK200 080515R8FT 0805-15R-J 0805 .15UF 08051%604K 
0805-160 J 0805 160K 0805160K1% 0805160K R027 0805 160 OHMS 5% 1 0805 160R 
0805 160R 1% 0805160R R106 0805- 1.62 F 0805-16.2K1% 0805 16.2K F 0805 1.62K OHM 1% 
0805-162R 0805 16.2R F 0805- 1.65 F 0805165K1% 0805 165K F 0805 16.5K OHM 1% 
0805-165R 0805-165R1% 0805-165RF 0805 1% 68k 1 0805-169 F 0805-16.9K 
0805 16.9K F 0805 1.69K OHM 1% 0805 169R F 0805- 1.6 F 0805- 1.6 J 0805 1.6K 
080516K5%RT1 0805-1.6k-F 0805-1.6k-J 0805 1.6K OHM 5% 0805 1.6K OHM 5% 1 080516K R026 
0805 1.6M 08051.6OHM1% 0805-16P8R-10K 0805-16P8R-22K 080516PF50VNPO 0805 16R 
080516R R022 0805 16V 0805 171 OHM 0805- 17.4 F 0805 17.4K 0805 1.74K F 
0805 1.74K OHM 1% 0805 174R F 0805-1750FCG50V 0805-1-750R 0805 08051%75OHM 
0805- 1.78 F 0805-17.8K 0805 17.8K F 0805 1.78K OHM 1% 0805 17.8 OHM 1% 0805 178R F 
0805180-0105 0805 1800PF 08051802FRT2 0805 180 5% 0805 1% 8.06K OHM 0805-180 F 
0805 180F NPO 50V 10% 0805-180 J 0805-180J-DC 0805180JEWTR 0805-180J-FHA 0805-180J-FHA 
0805 180K 0805180K1% 0805 180K-5% 0805 180K OHM 5% 0805 180 KOHMS 0805 180NH 
0805-180 OHM 0805 180 OHM 5% 0805 180PF 0805 180PF NPO 5% 0805 180PF NPO 50V 10% 0805 180PF NPO 50V 5% 
0805 180R 0805180R1% 0805-180R-J 0805180R R034 08-0518-10 08-0518-10T 
0805-181-2M 0805-181-2M-ROHS 0805-181J-TC 0805-181J-TY 0805-181K-FHA 0805-181K-TY 
0805-181K-TY 08051822FT 08051823FT 0805- 1.82 F 0805-182J-HY 0805182JRT1 
0805-182J-TC 0805-1%-8.2K 08051.82K0.5%T-9RT1 0805-1.82K-1% 0805-18.2K1-1 0805 1% 82K5 
0805-182K-FHA 0805-182K-FHA 0805-182K-FHC 0805 18.2K OHM 1% 0805-182K-TDK 0805-182K-TY 
0805-182K-TYO 0805-183K-B4 0805-183K-FHA 0805-183K-HY 0805-183M-FHA 0805-183M-FHB 
0805-1870F 0805-187 F 0805 187K 0805 18.7K F 0805 1.87K OHM 1% 0805 187R 
0805 18.7R F 0805 1% 8.87K OHM 0805 18.9K OHM .1% 0805- 1.8 F 0805- 18 J # 0805 1.8K 
0805 18K 1% 0805 1% 8K2 0805 ? 1% 8K2 105? RM5 0805 18K-5% 0805 1.8K F 0805-1.8k-J 
0805 1.8K OHM 5% 0805 18 KOHMS 0805 1.8M 0805 18NH 0805-18NJ 08051.8OHM 
0805 18 OHM 5% 0805 18PF 0805 18PF COG 50V 5% 0805 0805-18R 0805-1.8R1% 
0805-1.8RF 0805 18UH 0805 18V 080518W1301K 08051 0805-1 
0805 1 0805-1 08051 080518W68R5 08051 08051 
080519040K2 0805-1% 90R9 0805- 19.1 F 0805191K1% 0805 1.91K F 0805 19.1K OHM 1% 
0805-+1%-93K1-OHM 0805-196 D-25PPM 0805- 19.6 F 0805 19.6K F 0805 19.6K OHM 1% 08051%976R 
0805-1%-9K09 080519K1-1% 08051A010JAT2A 08051A01JATMA 08051A02JAT2A 08051A047BAT2A 
08051A0R5CAT2A 08051A0R5CATMA 08051A0R7BAT2A 08051A100CAT2A 08051A100CAT9A 08051A100CATMA 
08051A100DAT2A 08051A100DATMA 08051A100F4T1A 08051A100F4T2A 08051A100FAT050M 08051A100FAT2A 
08051A100FSJME 08051A100G4T1A 08051A100G4T2A 0805 1A 100 GA1 08051A100GAJ2A 08051A100GAT00J 
08051A100GAT2A 0805 1A 100 GATF 08051A100GATMA 08051A100J4T1A 08051A100J4T2A 08051A100J5JA500 
0805 1A 100 JA1 08051A100JA2050 08051A100JA700J 0805-1A-100-JAT 08051A100JAT00J 08051A100JAT050 
08051A100JAT050M 08051A100JAT050R 08051A100JAT1A 08051A100JAT2050 .08051A100JAT2A 08051A100JAT2AAVXN 
08051A100JAT2ADSTS 08051A100JAT3A 08051A100JAT4A 08051A100JATA 08051A100JATBA 0805 1A 100 JATF 
0805-1A-100-JATJ 08051A100JATM 08051A100JATMA 08051A100JATME 08051A100JATMR 08051A100JATNA 
08051A100JATRA 08051A100JSTME 08051A100JT2A 08051A100JT700J 08051A100JTT2A 08051A100K4T1A 
08051A100K4T2A 08051A100KA7RCY 08051A100KAT050 08051A100KAT050M 08051A100KAT050R 08051A100KAT1A 
08051A100KAT2A 08051A100KAT2A  08051A100KAT2Z 08051A100KAT4A 08051A100KAT4K 08051A100KATMA 
08051A100KATNA 08051A100KSTME 08051A100MAT2A 08051A1015JAT 08051A1017AT2A 08051A101F1700J 
08051A101F4T1A 08051A101F4T2A 0805 1A 101 FA1 08051A101FA12A 08051A101FAJ2A 0805 1A 101 FAT1A 
08051A101FAT2A 08051A101FAT2A 0805 1A 101 FATJ 08051A101FRT2A 08051A101FS79A 08051A101FS7ME 
08051A101FSJME 08051A101FSTME 08051A101G4T1A 08051A101G4T2A 08051A101GAT1A .08051A101GAT2A 
08051A101GAT4A 08051A101GATMA 08051A101J4T1A 08051A101J4T2A 08051A101J4T4A 08051A101JA 
08051A101JA2A 08051A101JA700J 08051A101JA7GUJ 08051A101JA7RCY 08051A101JA8ANF 08051A101JAGUJ 
0805-1A-101-JAT 08051A101JAT001 08051A101JAT00J 08051A101JAT050 08051A101JAT050M 08051A101JAT1A 
08051A101JAT1A  08051A101JAT2A 08051A101JAT2A0805 08051A101JAT2A 0805-101 08051A101JAT2A 100 08051A101JAT2A 
08051A101JAT2ADSTS 08051A101JAT2P 08051A101JAT3A 08051A101JAT4A 08051A101JAT4F 08051A101JAT4M 
08051A101JAT4P 08051A101JAT5 08051A101JATBA 08051A101JATDA 0805-1A-101-JATJ 08051A101JATM 
08051A-101JATMA 08051A101JATMAR 08051A101JATMARZ 08051A101JATMAY 08051A101JATME 08051A101JATNA 
08051A101JATN-CAL 08051A101JATN-LF 08051A101JATRA 08051A101J-MR 08051A101JT2A 08051A101JTT00J 
08051A101JTT4A 08051A101K4T1A 08051A101K4T2A 08051A101KA700J 08051A101KA710J 08051A101KA7RC 
08051A101KA7RCY 08051A101KAL050 08051A101KAT050M 08051A101KAT1A 08051A101KAT2A 08051A101KAT2A  
08051A101KAT2P 08051A101KAT3A 08051A101KAT4A 08051A101KAT9A 08051A101KATA 08051A101KATMA 
08051A101KATNA 08051A101KATSA 08051A101KHWE 08051A101KS19A 08051A101KS7ME 08051A101KSJ9A 
08051A101KSJME 08051A101KST9A 08051A101KSTME 08051A101KTT2A 08051A101LAT5A 08051A101MAT2A 
08051A101MAT4A 08051A101MATMARZ 08051A101YA105* 08051A102FA700J 08051A102FAT1A 08051A102FAT2A 
08051A102GA3HN 08051A102GAT1A 08051A102GAT2A 08051A102GAT4P 08051A102GATN 08051A102J4T2A 
08051A102JA800A 08051A102JAT 08051A102JAT1A 08051A102JAT2 08051A102JAT24 .08051A102JAT2A 
08051A102JAT2A T&R 08051A102JAT4A 08051A102JATEA 08051A102JATMA 08051A102JATME 08051A102JATN 
08051A102JATNA 08051A102JAY1A 08051A102KAJ2A 08051A102KAT2A 08051A102KAT#A 08051A102KATMA 
08051A102MATMA 08051A103JAT4A 08051A105JATMA 08051A10JA700J 08051A1100JATMA 08051A110JAT2A 
08051A110JATMA 08051A111JAT2A 08051A111JSJ9A 08051A120F4T1A 08051A120F4T2A 0805 1A 120 FAT 
08051A120FAT2A 08051A120FAT2P 0805 1A 120 FATJ 08051A120G4T1A 08051A120G4T2A 08051A120GA700A 
08051A120GATMA 08051A120J4T1A 08051A120J4T2A 08051A120JA700J 08051A120JAJ2A 0805-1A-120-JAT 
08051A120JAT00J 08051A120JAT050M 08051A120JAT050R 08051A120JAT1A .08051A120JAT2A 08051A120JAT2AAVXR 
08051A120JAT4A 08051A120JATBA 0805-1A-120-JATJ 08051A120JATMA 08051A120JATMN 08051A120JATN 
08051A120JATRA 08051A120JSME 08051A120JT700J 08051A120K4T1A 08051A120K4T2A 08051A120KA 
08051A120KAT1A 08051A120KAT2A 08051A120KATNA 08051A120UJATMA 08051A121F4T1A 08051A121F4T2A 
08051A121FAT2A 08051A121G4T1A 08051A121G4T2A 08051A121GAT2A 08051A121GAT2A????1 ? 08051A121GATMA 
08051A121J4T1A 08051A121J4T2A 08051A121JA7HPJ 0805-1A-121-JAT 08051A121JAT00 08051A121JAT00J 
08051A121JAT05* 08051A121JAT050 08051A121JAT050B 08051A121JAT050M 08051A121JAT050R 08051A121JAT1A 
0805-1A121JAT2A 08051A121JAT4A 08051A121JATBA 0805-1A-121-JATJ 08051A121JATM 08051A121JATMA 
08051A121JATN 08051A121K4T1A 08051A121K4T2A 08051A121KAT1A 08051A121KAT2A 08051A121KATBA 
08051A121KATMA 08051A122FAT1A 08051A122FAT2A 08051A122GAT1A 08051A122GAT2A 08051A122JAT1A 
08051A122JAT2A 08051A122JAT4A 08051A122KAT1A 08051A12KATMA 08051A130GAT2A 08051A130JAT2A 
08051A130JATMN 08051A130KATMA 08051A131GAT2A 08051A131JAT050M 08051A131JAT2A 08051A131JATMA 
08051A131JATNA 08051A13A131JATNA 08051A150F4T1A 08051A150F4T2A 08051A150FAJ2A 0805 1A 150 FAT 
08051A150FAT1A 08051A150FAT2A 08051A150FAT4A 08051A150FATIA 0805 1A 150 FATJ 08051A150FATMA 
08051A150FA-TRA 08051A150G4T1A 08051A150G4T2A 08051A150GA12A 08051A150GA800A 08051A150GAT1A 
08051A150GAT2A 08051A150GATMA 08051A150J4T1A 08051A150J4T2A 08051A150JA 0805 1A 150 JA1 
0805-1A-150-JAT 08051A150JAT00J 08051A150JAT05* 08051A150JAT050M 08051A150JAT050R 08051A150JAT1A 
.08051A150JAT2A 08051A150JAT2AAVXN 08051A150JAT2A 08051A150JAT4A 08051A150JATA 08051A150JATBA 
08051A150JATDA 0805 1A 150 JATF 0805-1A-150-JATJ 08051A-150JATMA 08051A150JATN 08051A150JATNA 
08051A150JATSA 08051A150JSJMA 08051A150JSJME 08051A150JTT2A 08051A150K4T1A 08051A150K4T2A 
08051A150KAT050R 08051A150KAT1A 08051A150KAT2A 08051A150KAT4A 08051A150KATMA 08051A150KATNA 
08051A150KSJBA 08051A150KSJME 08051A150KT2A T&R 08051A151F4T1A 08051A151F4T2A 0805 1A 151 FAT1A 
08051A151FAT2A 08051A151FAT4A 08051A151FAT9ZC 0805 1A 151 FATJ 08051A151FSTME1K 08051A151G4T1A 
08051A151G4T2A 08051A151GAT2A 08051A151J4T1A 08051A151J4T2A 0805 1A 151 JA1 08051A151JA12A 
08051A151JA700A 08051A151JA700J 08051A151JA7AHJ 08051A151JAHJ 08051A151JAJ2A 0805-1A-151-JAT 
08051A151JAT00J 08051A151JAT050M 08051A151JAT050R 08051A151JAT1A .08051A151JAT2A 08051A151JAT3A 
08051A151JAT4A 08051A151JATBA 08051A151JATDA 0805 1A 151 JATF 0805-1A-151-JATJ 08051A151JATMA 
08051A151JATME 08051A151JATRA 08051A151JSJMA 08051A151JSJME 08051A151JT00J 08051A151JT700J 
08051A151K4T1A 08051A151K4T2A 08051A151KA104* 08051A151KAT050M AVX 08051A151KAT050R 08051A151KAT1A 
08051A151KAT2A 08051A151KAT2P 08051A151KAT4A 08051A151KATMA 08051A151KATME 08051A151KATNA 
08051A151KSJ9A 08051A151UAT2A 08051A152FAT1A 08051A152FAT2A 08051A152GAT050 08051A152GAT1A 
08051A152GAT2A 08051A152JAT1A 08051A152JAT2A 08051A152JAT4A 08051A152JATMA 08051A152JATN 
08051A152KAT1A 08051A152KAT2A 08051A15JATMA 08051A160FAT2A 08051A160JAT2A 08051A161JAT2A 
08051A161MAT050R 08051A180CAT2A 08051A180DAT050M 08051A180F4T1A 08051A180F4T2A 08051A180FAJ4A 
0805 1A 180 FAT1A 0805 1A 180 FATJ 08051A180G4T1A 08051A180G4T2A 0805 1A 180 GA1 08051A180GAT2A 
0805 1A 180 GATF 08051A180GATME 08051A180J 08051A180J4T1A 08051A180J4T2A 08051A180JA700J 
08051A180JA7RBY 0805-1A-180-JAT 08051A180JAT00J 08051A180JAT050M 08051A180JAT050R 08051A180JAT05M 
08051A180JAT1A .08051A180JAT2A 08051A180JAT2ADSTS 08051A180JAT2ASTS 08051A180JAT4A 08051A180JAT9A 
08051A180JATBA 0805-1A-180-JATJ 08051A180JATMA 08051A180JATRA 08051A180JAX00J 08051A180JN700J 
08051A180JSJ1A 08051A180JST9A 08051A180JT2A 08051A180K4T1A 08051A180K4T2A 08051A180KAT1A 
08051A180KAT2A 08051A180KAT4A 08051A180KATMA 08051A180MAT2A 08051A181F4T1A 08051A181F4T2A 
08051A181FAJ2A 08051A181FAJ4A 0805 1A 181 FAT1A 08051A181FAT2A 0805 1A 181 FATJ 08051A181G4T1A 
08051A181G4T2A 08051A181GAT1A 08051A181GAT2A 08051A181GAT2A MFG 05+ 08051A181J4T1A 08051A181J4T2A 
08051A181JA700J 08051A181JA7HPJ 0805-1A-181-JAT 08051A181JAT00A 08051A181JAT00J 08051A181JAT050B 
08051A181JAT050M 08051A181JAT050R 08051A181JAT1A 08051A-181JAT2A 08051A181JAT4A 08051A181JATBA 
0805-1A-181-JATJ 08051A181JATMA 08051A181JATME 08051A181JATRA 08051A181JS11A 08051A181JTT2A 
08051A181K4T1A 08051A181K4T2A 08051A181KAT1A 08051A181KAT2A 08051A182FAT1A 08051A182FAT2A 
08051A182GAT1A 08051A182GAT2A 08051A182JAT1A 08051A182JAT2A 08051A182KAT1A 08051A182KAT2A 
08051A18R2DAT2A 08051%A1961 08051A1B0JAT050M 08051A1D0JATMA 08051A1JA700J 08051A1KAT2A 
08051%A1M 08051A1R0BAT2A 08051A1R0CA700J 08051A1R0CA7CLJ 0805 1A 1R0 CAT 08051A1R0CAT00J 
08051A1R0CAT1A 08051A1R0CAT2A 08051A1R0CAT2A R 08051A1R0CAT2AV 08051A1R0CAT9A 08051A1R0CATBA 
0805 1A 1R0 CATJ 08051A1R0CATMA 08051A1R0D27KJJ 08051A1R0DAT050M 08051A1R0DAT1A .08051A1R0DAT2A 
08051A1R0DATDA 08051A1R0DATMA 08051A1R0FAT9A 08051A1R1CAT2A 08051A1R2BAT2A 08051A1R2CA700J 
0805 1A 1R2 CAT 08051A1R2CAT2A 08051A1R2CAT4A 08051A1R2CATBA 0805 1A 1R2 CATJ 08051A1R2CATMA 
08051A1R2CATNA 08051A1R2DAT2A 08051A1R3CAT2A 08051A1R50AT2A 08051A1R5BAT2A 08051A1R5CA700J 
0805-1A-1R5-CAT 08051A1R5CAT050 08051A1R5CAT1A 08051A1R5CAT2A 08051A1R5CAT2AV 08051A1R5CAT4A 
08051A1R5CATBA 0805-1A-1R5-CATJ 08051A1R5CATMA 08051A1R5DA2A 08051A1R5DA700J 08051A1R5DAT2A 
08051A1R5DATDA 08051A1R5DATMA 08051A1R6CAT2A 08051A1R8BAT2A 0805-1A-1R8-CAT 08051A1R8CAT050M 
08051A1R8CAT2A 08051A1R8CAT2AV 08051A1R8CAT4A 08051A1R8CAT4R 08051A1R8CATBA 0805-1A-1R8-CATJ 
08051A-1R8CATMA 08051A1R8CT700J 0805 1A 1R8 DA1 08051A1R8DAT050M 08051A1R8DAT2A 08051A1R8DATMA 
0805 1A 1R8 DN1TR 08051A1R9CAT1A 08051A1ROCATMA 08051A1RODAT2A 08051A200FAT2A 08051A200GAT2A 
08051A200JAT2A 08051A200JAT4A 08051A200JATMA 08051A200JSJMA 08051A200KAT1A 08051A200KAT2A 
08051A200KAT4A 08051A200KATMA 08051A201FAT2A 08051A201GAT1A 08051A201GAT2A 08051A201JAT2A 
08051A201JATMA 08051A201KAT2A 08051A201KATMA 08051A201KSJ9A 08051A21KATMA 08051A220DAT2A 
08051A220DATMA 08051A220F4T1A 08051A220F4T2A 0805 1A 220 FAT1A 08051A220FAT2A 0805 1A 220 FATJ 
08051A220FATMA 08051A220FSMJE 08051A220FSTME 08051A220FSTME 08051A220G4T1A 08051A220G4T2A 
08051A220GAT2A 08051A220GATMA 08051A220GN800B 08051A220GTT2A 08051A220J4T1A 08051A220J4T2A 
0805 1A 220 JA1 08051A220JA104* 08051A220JA700J 08051A220JA7GUJ 08051A220JAJ2A 08051A220JAJME 
0805-1A-220-JAT 08051A220JAT00J 08051A220JAT050M 08051A220JAT050R 08051A220JAT1A 08051A220JAT2 
.08051A220JAT2A 08051A220JAT2A 22P 08051A220JAT2AAVXN 08051A220JAT2ADSTS 08051A220JAT2M 08051A220JAT4A 
08051A220JAT4M 08051A220JAT4R 08051A220JATBA 0805 1A 220 JATF 0805-1A-220-JATJ 08051A220JATMA 
08051A220JATME 08051A220JATN 08051A220JATNA 08051A220JATN-CAL 08051A220JATN-VIT 08051A220JFT2A 
08051A220J-MR 08051A220JRTMA 08051A220JS1ME 08051A220JSJ9A 08051A220JSJMA 08051A-220JSJME 
08051A220JTT2A 08051A220K4T1A 08051A220K4T2A 08051A220KA1050 08051A220KA6043 08051A220KA7RBY 
08051A220KAT 08051A220KAT050 08051A220KAT050M 08051A220KAT1A 08051A-220KAT2A 08051A220KAT3A 
08051A220KAT#A 08051A220KATMA 08051A220KATME 08051A220KATNA 08051A220KJAT2A 08051A221F4T1A 
08051A221F4T2A 08051A221FAT2A 08051A221FAT9A 08051A221-FATMA 08051A221FSTME 08051A221FSTME 
08051A221G4T1A 08051A221G4T2A 08051A221GA700J 08051A221GAT2A 08051A221J4T1A 08051A221J4T2A 
08051A221JA 08051A221JA2A 08051A221JA700J 08051A221JA7CLJ 08051A221JA7GUJ 08051A221JAJ4A 
0805-1A-221-JAT 08051A221JAT00J 08051A221JAT050M 08051A221JAT1A 08051A221JAT2 .08051A221JAT2A 
08051A221JAT2AAVXR 08051A221JAT2ADSTS 08051A221JAT2P 08051A221JAT4A 08051A221JAT4AAVXN 08051A221JAT4D 
08051A221JAT4P 08051A221JAT9A 08051A221JATA 08051A221JATBA 08051A221JATDA 0805-1A-221-JATJ 
08051A221JATMA 08051A221JATMAHP 08051A221JATMAO 08051A221JATME 08051A221JATN 08051A221JAT ROHS 
08051A221JATSA 0805-1A-221-JAT-XA 08051A221JATZA 08051A221JN700J 08051A221JRT4R 08051A221JTT 
08051A221JTT2A 08051A221K4T1A 08051A221K4T2A 08051A221KA7RBY 08051A221KA7RCY 08051A221KAT1A 
08051A221KAT2A 08051A221KAT2M 08051A221KAT2P 08051A221KAT3A 08051A221KAT4A 08051A221KATMA 
08051A221KATME 08051A221KATRA 08051A221KS19A 08051A221KST9A 08051A221KTT2A 08051A221MATMA 
08051A222FAT1A 08051A222FAT2A 08051A222GAT1A 08051A222GAT2A 08051A222JAT2A 08051A222KAT2A 
08051A22ATZA 08051A22IJAT2A 08051A22JAT2A 08051A230JA 08051A240FAT2A 08051A240GAT2A 
08051A240JAT2A 08051A240JATMA 08051A240JSJME 08051A241FAT2A 08051A241FATMA 08051A241JAT2A 
08051A270DAT2A 08051A270F4T1A 08051A270F4T2A 08051A270FAJ2A 0805 1A 270 FAT1A 08051A270FAT2A 
0805 1A 270 FATJ 08051A270FATMA 08051A270FSTME 08051A270G4T1A 08051A270G4T2A 08051A270GAT2A 
08051A270GATMA 08051A270J4T1A 08051A270J4T2A 0805 1A 270 JA1 08051A270JA700J 08051A270JA7AHJ 
08051A270JAJ2A 08051A270JAJMA 08051A270JAMTMA 0805-1A-270-JAT 08051A270JAT00J 08051A270JAT050 
08051A270JAT050M 08051A270JAT050N 08051A270JAT1A 08051A270JAT2A 08051A270JAT2M 08051A270JAT3A 
08051A270JAT4A 08051A270JAT4K 08051A270JATBA 0805 1A 270 JATF 0805-1A-270-JATJ 08051A270JATMA 
08051A270JATNA 08051A270JRTMA 08051A270JS16A 08051A270JSJMA 08051A270JST9A 08051A270JTT2A 
08051A270K4T1A 08051A270K4T2A 08051A270KA7GTJ 08051A270KAT 08051A270KAT050 08051A270KAT050M 
08051A270KAT1A 08051A270KAT2A 08051A270KAT4A 08051A270KATMA 08051A270KATNA 08051A271F4T1A 
08051A271F4T2A 0805 1A 271 FAT1A 08051A271FAT2A 0805 1A 271 FATJ 08051A271FATMA 08051A271G4T1A 
08051A271G4T2A 08051A271GAT2A 08051A271J4T1A 08051A271J4T2A 08051A271JA700A 08051A271JA700J 
08051A271JA7HPJ 0805-1A-271-JAT 08051A271JAT00J 08051A271JAT050R 08051A271JAT1A 08051A271JAT2A 
08051A271JAT4A 08051A271JATBA 0805-1A-271-JATJ 08051A271JATMA 08051A271JATNA 08051A271K4T1A 
08051A271K4T2A 08051A271KAT1A 08051A271KAT2A 08051A271KATMA 08051A271KSJME 08051A272JAT1A 
08051A272JAT2A 08051A272KAT1A 08051A272KAT2A 08051A27AMAT2A 08051A291JAT2A 08051A2R0CAJ2A 
08051A2R0CAT2A 08051A2R0CATMA 08051A2R2BAT2A 08051A2R2CA700J 0805-1A-2R2-CAT 08051A2R2CAT050M 
08051A2R2CAT050R 08051A2R2CAT2 08051A2R2CAT2A 08051A2R2CAT4A 08051A2R2CATBA 0805-1A-2R2-CATJ 
08051A2R2CATMA 08051A2R2CATME 08051A2R2CSJME 08051A2R2CSTME 0805 1A 2R2 DA1 08051A2R2DAT050M 
08051A2R2DAT2A 08051A2R2DATDA 0805 1A 2R2 DATF 08051A2R2DATMA 08051A2R2DH1SA 08051A2R2JATMA 
08051A2R4CAT 08051A2R4CAT2A 08051A2R4CAT4A 08051A2R4CATMA 08051A2R7BAT2A 08051A2R7BAT4A 
08051A2R7CA7003 08051A2R7CAT 08051A2R7CAT1A .08051A2R7CAT2A 08051A2R7CAT2P 08051A2R7CAT4A 
08051A2R7CATBA 08051A2R7CATMA 08051A2R7CT700J 08051A2R7DA7MRJ 0805-1A-2R7-DAT 08051A2R7DAT050 
08051A2R7DAT050M 08051A2R7DAT2A 0805-1A-2R7-DATJ 08051A2R9CATMA 08051A300GATMA 08051A300JAJ4A 
08051A300JAT 08051A300JAT2A 08051A300JATMA 08051A300JATRA 08051A300KAT2A 08051A301FSJME 
08051A301GATMA 08051A301JAT 08051A301JAT050 08051A301JAT2A 08051A301JSJMA 08051A301KAT2A 
08051A301KATMA 08051A301KATME 08051A302JAT1A 08051A302JAT2A 08051A302KAT1A 08051A302KAT2A 
08051A3290JAT00JA2T 08051A330AKTMA 08051A330F4T1A 08051A330F4T2A 0805 1A 330 FAT1A 08051A330FAT2A 
08051A330FAT4A 0805 1A 330 FATJ 08051A330FATMA 08051A330G4T1A 08051A330G4T2A 08051A330GAT1A 
08051A330GAT2A 08051A330GATMA 08051A330J4T1A 08051A330J4T2A 08051A330JA 0805 1A 330 JA1 
08051A330JA7003 08051A330JA700J 08051A330JA700J 0805-33 08051A330JA700J 0805-33P  0805-1A-330-JAT 08051A330JAT00J 
08051A330JAT050 08051A330JAT050M 08051A330JAT050RSEA 08051A330JAT1A 08051A330JAT2 08051A330JAT2A 
08051A330JAT2A 0805-33P 08051A330JAT2A 0805-33P 1 08051A330JAT2ATR 08051A330JAT4A 08051A330JATBA 08051A330JATDA 
0805-1A-330-JATJ 08051A330JATMA 08051A330JATMA 08051A330JATNA 08051A330JATN-LF 08051A330JATR 
08051A330JATRA 0805 1A 330 JN1TR 08051A330JSJ1R 08051A330JSJ9A 08051A330JSJME 08051A330K4T1A 
08051A330K4T2A 08051A330KA7RCY 08051A330KAT 08051A330KAT05* 08051A330KAT050R 08051A330KAT1A 
08051A330KAT2 08051A330KAT2A 08051A330KAT2A :NP 08051A330KAT4A 08051A330KAT#A 08051A330KATMA 
08051A330KH 08051A330KST9A 08051A330KSTMA 08051A330MAT 08051A330MAT2A 08051A331AT2A 
08051A331F4T1A 08051A331F4T2A 0805 1A 331 FAT1A 08051A331FAT2A 0805 1A 331 FATJ 08051A331FATMA 
08051A331FATME 08051A331FSTWA 08051A331G4T1A 08051A331G4T2A 08051A331GAT2A 08051A331J4T1A 
08051A331J4T2A 08051A331JA 08051A331JA12A 08051A331JA700J 08051A331JA71NF 08051A331JA800J 
08051A331JAMTA 0805-1A-331-JAT 08051A331JAT050M 08051A331JAT1A 08051A331JAT-2A 08051A331JAT2A 
08051A331JAT4A 08051A331JATBA 0805-1A-331-JATJ 08051A331JATMA 08051A331JATN 08051A331JATNA 
08051A331JATRA 08051A331JNT00J 08051A331JSME 08051A331JT700J 08051A331JTT2A 08051A331K4T1A 
08051A331K4T2A 08051A331KA16N 330 08051A331KA7EKJ 08051A331KAT050M 08051A331KAT1A 08051A331KAT2A 
08051A-331KATMA 08051A331MAT2A 08051A332FAT1A 08051A332FAT2A 08051A332GAT1A 08051A332GAT2A 
08051A332JAT2A 08051A332KAT2A 08051A33AJATMA 08051A360FAT2A 08051A360GAT2A 08051A360GAT4A 
08051A360GATMA 08051A360JAT 08051A360JAT2A 08051A360JAT4A 08051A360JATMA 08051A361FAJ2A 
08051A361JAT2A 08051A390F4T1A 08051A390F4T2A 0805 1A 390 FAT1A 08051A390FAT2A 08051A390FATIA 
0805 1A 390 FATJ 08051A390G4T1A 08051A390G4T2A 08051A390GAT2A 08051A390GAT4A 08051A390GAT4P 
08051A390GATMA 08051A390J4T1A 08051A390J4T2A 08051A390JA12A 08051A390JA700J 08051A390JA72A 
0805-1A-390-JAT 08051A390JAT1A .08051A390JAT2A 08051A390JAT2A1 08051A390JAT2ADSTS 08051A390JAT2AI 
08051A390JAT4A 08051A390JATBA 0805-1A-390-JATJ 08051A390JATMA 08051A390JATN 08051A390JATNA 
08051A390JTT2A 08051A390K4T1A 08051A390K4T2A 08051A390KAT050M 08051A390KAT1A 08051A390KAT2A 
08051A390KATMA 08051A390KSJME 08051A390MAT2A 08051A391F4T1A 08051A391F4T2A 08051A391FAT2A 
08051A391FN700J 08051A391FST9A 08051A391FSTME 08051A391G4T1A 08051A391G4T2A 08051A391GAT2A 
08051A391J4T1A 08051A391J4T2A 08051A391JA700J 0805-1A-391-JAT 08051A391JAT00J 08051A391JAT1A 
.08051A391JAT2A 08051A391JAT4A 0805-1A-391-JATJ 08051A391JATMA 08051A391JATME 08051A391K4T1A 
08051A391K4T2A 08051A391KA1045 08051A391KA10455 08051A391KAT050R 08051A391KAT1A 08051A391KAT2A 
08051A392KAT2A 08051A3R02AT4A 08051A3R0BAT2A 08051A3R0CAT2A 08051A3R0CAT4A 08051A3R0CAT4R 
08051A3R0CATMA 08051A3R0DAJ2A 08051A3R0DAJ4A 08051A3R0DAT050R 08051A3R0DAT2A 08051A3R3BAT1A 
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