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Odyssey Electronics is a Woman Owned and Operated Small Electronic Components Business.

When you are trying to locate obsolete electronic components, you need an electronics distributor that operates in the US and specializes in offering these types of difficult to find items. As a premier passive components distributor, you can perform a parts search here and typically find exactly what you need. Need assistance in determining which part you need? We can help!

Let us be your preferred semiconductor supplier and your go-to source for all the obsolete and discontinued electronic parts you need. Count on us to offer a vast inventory, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer care. Our goal is to be the passive component distributor you can count on every time.

Serving clients worldwide since 1992, you simply won’t find a better place to find the obsolete electronics and passive components you need. Additionally, we are renowned for getting them to you fast so that you can continue your project. Feel free to search for your part, submit a request for quote, or contact one of our expert representatives today.

Welcome to Odyssey. We look forward to partnering with your company.


Phone: 978-640-9453   Fax: 978-851-0169
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